Purpose Driven Mission

Growing a highly skilled IT workforce in rural communities, we help people see beyond their current situation to a better way of life.

Focused & Flexible IT Solutions

Providing onshore IT resources tailor-fit to your operations, we become a customizable extension to your team so that you can focus on the big picture.

Onshore Academy

Our rigorous bootcamps leverage proprietary methods, tools and processes to rapidly develop job-ready IT professionals.

Outsourcing does not have to mean offshore.


From QA testing & helpdesk services to application support & development, Onshore supports millions of lines of code, manages thousands of applications, and services hundreds of partners. All from right here on American soil.

Join Our Partners

in building rural American IT careers.

Onshore is proud to provide information technology resources for hundreds of clients, from Fortune 2000 corporations to tomorrow’s market leaders.

Homegrown Ingenuity.


Lower Total Cost of Ownership.