Allan Muncy
Outreach Director

Allan brings 40 years of management experience to the Onshore team and has led and managed retail, law enforcement, fire, street, park and volunteer staffs. Working with legislators, he also managed and oversaw multi-million dollar projects and infrastructure improvements. Prior to joining Onshore, Allan was City Administrator for the City of Macon for 14 years.

Allan joined Onshore in 2014 and in his current role serves as an advisor and counselor to the leadership team as well as an advocate for Onshore employees at the leadership table.

Outside of Onshore, Allan is involved with the Macon County Rotary and is a past president and current board member of Macon County Economic Development. In addition, he is a former president and long-standing member of the Elks Lodge, a former member of the Macon Country Club and served as a board member of the Macon YMCA.