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Automation and AI Empower NextGen Help Desk Agents

May 2, 2018

By now, chatbots and virtual assistants are part of the IT Services lexicon, but have these evolved to a level where they can meet your service desk needs? In addition, are self-service approaches a good fit for those you wish to serve?

Many companies are finding that chatbots are not meeting expectations; 71% of consumers said the chatbot they interacted with could not answer their question or help them, according to the Chatbot Consumer Report. Customers also have different needs for agent-assisted and self-service help desks depending on the scenario in which assistance is needed.

While bots, IVR, virtual assistants and natural language processing (NLP) can provide cost savings, are those savings offset by a poor customer experience when complete information is not provided and the problem isn’t solved? Will a lack of personalized, proactive service and recommendations ultimately drive customers to use agent-assisted channels in addition to those self-service channels originally designed to reduce time and costs?

According to Gartner contributor Kasey Panetta, “the most common mistake with AI is to focus on automation rather than augmentation of human decision making and interactions. If CIOs focus only on further automation via AI, they also miss the hidden opportunities for greater personalization and differentiation.”

What if your company didn’t have to choose between human agents or automation/AI? Service desk tools like EasyVista, Spoken, Avaya, and Clearmertix are being employed to augment call center agents.

Customers and businesses receive the best of both worlds when these tools are employed. The ability to combine agents’ expertise with intelligent service desk tools increases service desk productivity and caller satisfaction by empowering agents through automation and AI. Some use cases for the help desk include:

Organizations are employing ready-built automation, AI, NLP, etc. technology to better serve their customers. To augment your existing organization, integration with your existing systems, like your contact center, is paramount to success.

Having a partner that can seamlessly integrate these tools with your current systems empowers agents to excel at managing all facets of a service desk. Look for a solution that:

  • Integrates with your ITSM so that no changes are needed to your existing toolset.
  • Delivers a high level of engagement and real-time business intelligence.
  • Provides bidirectional integration without disrupting your current systems.

By employing a system where automation and AI augment the agent-user experience, companies can deliver a premium experience, reduce costs and agent time per call and increase productivity, quality and satisfaction.

Onshore Outsourcing is upskilling our professionals so we can help your company integrate AI while keeping your focus on serving the customer with personalized solutions. Want to talk to us about your digital transformation?

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