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DevOps: Making it easy for engineering teams to add value 

October 27, 2022

DevOps is a software development method that emphasizes collaboration and communication between development and operations teams. It’s a process that enables organizations to deliver high-quality software in a fast and efficient manner. DevOps is all about breaking down silos, increasing collaboration, and automating processes to improve the overall software development life cycle. 

One of the key benefits of embracing a DevOps approach is the ability to reduce waste and create flow. By regularly re-evaluating the value stream, organizations can identify areas of inefficiency and improve processes in an effort to prioritize quality and lower cycle times. This is where Onshore Outsourcing comes in. 

At Onshore, we believe that full stack ownership by a project team drives high productivity and project success. However, this can raise difficulties in complex environments. That’s why we recommend an upfront investment where necessary to create a sandbox where teams can build and iterate rapidly. 

By leveraging our onshore staffing model, we provide the best of both worlds – the benefits of a dedicated in-house team, with the cost-effectiveness of outsourcing. Our staff is trained and certified in the latest DevOps technologies and practices, and our ITIL-based approach ensures that we deliver high-quality services that meet the specific needs of our clients. 

Our approach to DevOps is built on a foundation of collaboration and communication. We believe that by working closely with our clients, we can help them fully realize the benefits of DevOps, such as faster time-to-market, increased reliability, and improved customer satisfaction. 

If you’re looking to embrace a DevOps approach, but don’t know where to start, Onshore Outsourcing can help. Contact us today to learn more 

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