Ameren Corporation is an American power company created by the merger of St. Louis, Missouri’s Union Electric Company and the neighboring Central Illinois Public Service Company of Springfield, Illinois.


Ameren was utilizing a patchwork of vendor-produced software solutions that must integrate and work together to create a robust IT solution for physical and cyber security. They lacked adequate in-house IT support technician resources to handle day-to-day regulatory reporting, failing to meet deadlines for major IT projects as a result. They also lacked support for the development & maintenance of their many applications, and for compliance in their security departments.

The solution

Onshore was able to provide a team of 5 for dedicated maintenance and support services for both the custom apps written by Ameren like BARS and maintain the 3rd party applications like AMAG. In total, Onshore now maintains a total of 47 applications 24/7, providing compliance reporting, badging services, assisting in upgrading the 3rd party apps, and much more.

The results

  • eighty percent
    Increase in productivity
  • two-hundred plus
    hours saved every week
  • ninety percent
    Decline in application development and support issues

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