Partner Requirements

day-to-day regulatory reporting

Robust Application Support

Staff Augmentation


A holding company for several power and energy companies throughout Midwest America. Client was utilizing a patchwork of vendor-produced software solutions that has to integrate and work together to create a robust IT solution for physical and cyber security.

The energy company must regularly report to numerous independent and governmental regulatory agencies, including:

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)
North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC)
Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC)

Resource Issues

Client lacked adequate in-house IT support technician resources to handle day-to-day regulatory reporting, failing to meet deadlines for major IT projects as a result. They also lacked support for the development & maintenance of their many applications, and for compliance in their security departments.

Project Outcomes

Onshore provided development and IT support of key applications across several technologies and continues to maintain and support various vendor software solutions.

Today, Onshore teams provide 24/7 support for roughly 45 applications that were created by in-house teams. Onshore manages more than 90% of the client’s regular IT support specialist and related tasks, allowing their in-house IT support technicians and staff to focus on mission-critical projects.

“I have seen a marked improvement in the response time and the quality of work in responding to support emails and calls. Thank you for your efforts… it has not gone unnoticed. Keep up the good work!”

–Environmental Engineer

Utilized Technologies & Platforms

  • Web Forms
  • MVC
  • Windows Console/Batch
  • Windows Forms
  • WCF/ASMX Web Services
  • Appian
  • VB Script
  • Classic ASP

  • SQL Server
  • AMAG
  • Arteco
  • Control Point
  • Fargo
  • SharePoint
  • IBM AppScan
  • Remedy

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