Partner Objectives

Lower Resolution Times

High Level Compentency

Cultural Awareness


A financial and professional services firm that specializes in commercial real estate services and investment management. With global revenue of more than $4 billion, the company employs 52,700 people across 200 corporate offices worldwide. This firm serves the local, regional and global commercial real estate needs of corporations and investors across more than 75 countries.

Helpdesk Problems

Before seeking Onshore services, this company was not able to achieve the level of service they expected from their existing L1 Service Desk and multi-tiered systems of support. This was due to a large, foreign, ESL outsourced staff that lacked cultural awareness and a sense of ownership in issues. Their help desk team was a large, volume-focused, shared service model with volume-based SLA targets.

Project Results

The firm turned to Onshore to provide premium help desk service to their agents. Some of the issues that Onshore ITSD teams commonly resolve for their agents include:


  • password resets
  • account unlocks
  • access rights
  • mail forwarding
  • ID creation/termination
  • ticket reassignments to Onshore Tier 2 teams
  • overall multi-tiered systems of support


While Onshore’s L1 and L2 ITSD teams lower resolution times on the help desk, an Onshore applications support team is also in place to relieve routine tasks associated with help desk tickets. These additional resources allow the firm’s in-house IT employees to focus on bigger company priorities rather than support issues.


The client has elected to keep all Onshore teams on an ongoing basis, as the results continue to exceed SLA requirements. Overall customer satisfaction survey scores have significantly improved as well.


Our multi-tiered systems of support have been reliably beneficial to our clients along with other services such as our quality assurance.

“Since the transition to [the Onshore] team, I have had nothing but positive feedback from the business. I attribute this to the hard work and passion for service delivery. Thank you for doing such a superior job.”


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