MedAssets, Inc.

MedAssets is a healthcare performance improvement company with over 3,200 employees in 15 locations across the U.S. MedAssets provides a multitude of services to many different health-based clients, including:180 health systems 4,400 hospitals (4 out of 5 major U.S. hospitals are clients) 100,000 non-acute health systems (small clinics & private practices) payers and healthcare information vendors.


When Microsoft discontinued their Silverlight framework in 2012 in favor of ASP.NET MVC, MedAssets needed a way to convert their CMS front-end from Silverlight to ASP.NET MVC without sidelining other development projects.

MedAssets sought an outside development team that could produce high-quality software in a timely and cost-effective manner. Additionally, they sought individuals that would integrate with their in-house staff as if they were part of the MedAssets family.

The solution

Onshore’s team carried the project, as the MedAsset’s in-house IT team could not lose focus of their priority deliverables in favor of a short-term project. Onshore provided a team that had high-level experience in software and application development as well as quality assurance testing. In the end, Onshore managed to integrate seamlessly with the MedAssets in-house teams.

The results

  • Created a front-end system to interface with the MedAssets CMS to search, view, and update information on a daily basis for business users.
  • Developed an MVC 4 front-end with jqGrid/JQuery functionality and visual styling.
  • Provided QA Testing to ensure all functionality and appearance met project requirements.

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