Fast Casual Restaurant

Industry:Fast Casual Restaurant
Services:QA Testing, Data Solutions


A chain of a fast casual restaurants that, together with its subsidiaries, owns, operates and franchises roughly 1,800 retail locations in the United States and Canada. The company operates in three segments: Retail Operations, Franchise Operations, and Product Operations.

The Problem:

Client came to Onshore seeking a long-term partner to support their business efforts and to bring friction-reducing technology to their customer’s experience. The goal was to move more volume through each café with a higher level of order accuracy, which required a quick and significant increase in QA testing resources. The client also sought to collect, cleanse, and configure a large amount of store data in an effort to roll out applications to all company and franchise cafes.

The project required a multi-year effort to develop a suite of ecommerce applications as well as in-store technology, in addition to providing robust data stewardship resources.

The Solution:

The first challenge was to address changes to the client’s seasonal menu — Due to the high level of customizations permitted for each entrée, data changes required extensive Onshore QA testing for price, tax, composition (ingredients and quantities), and nutritional information.
To address the data management issue, Onshore provided a team of resources to extend the capacity of the existing data stewardship team. These resources performed data cleansing, setup, and other master data management tasks.
To support the client’s efforts to restructure and refactor their applications, Onshore QA testers were leveraged to perform white-box testing of refactored services.

The Results:

Helped roll out the new e-commerce and catering platforms to each café site.

Allowed Client to eliminate other contractor and offshore positions in favor of Onshore’s more affordable, centralized teams.

Ensured consistency and accuracy as systems were scaled.