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Onshore Outsourcing recognized as one of the 10 Most Promising Software Testing Consulting & Services Companies

December 28, 2018

MACON, MO – December 28, 2018

Leading IT Industry publication, CIO Review ranked Onshore Outsourcing in the Top 10 Most Promising Software Testing Consulting/Services Companies of 2018.

Onshore Technology Services recognized as 10 most promising software testing consulting/services companies - 2018

Software Quality in a DevOps World

In today’s world, paying lip service to IT agility is not enough. Information Technology service providers, both internal and outsourced, must have a nuanced understanding of the business, people, and challenges they serve to drive and create value on ever-shorter timescales. The DevOps movement, a commitment to the principles born in the Lean and Agile movements, keeps IT organizations from falling behind, but it also demands stronger communication and alignment than traditional outsourcing models provide.

Since its inception in 2005 Onshore Outsourcing has built a unique client engagement strategy that focuses on nurturing talent from underdeveloped regions of the U.S. to work in their rural delivery centers in Georgia and Missouri.

“Software programming is in our DNA; we have employed a rigorous IT training program where we train our employees to excel in coding and perform QA testing efficiently,” says Mayes. “Besides, it is our core objective to revitalize the lives of the underprivileged communities by engaging and reskilling them and contributing to their livelihood.”

The company’s model of training, staffing, and continuing education particularly suits those looking to adopt DevOps principles. Onshore’s skilled rural workforce is cross-trained between disciplines, and all graduates learn the fundamentals of software development and IT automation.

An advantage unique to domestic providers, Onshore engineers frequent client sites to build strong inter-team relationships and glean valuable tribal knowledge often “lost in translation” in the outsourcing business. “Alongside these key insights, our employees bring the contextual understanding and familiarity about the products and services we are dealing with. This is where we differentiate from the offshore IT services companies,” says Shane Mayes, CEO at Onshore Outsourcing. Additionally, client leadership enjoys easy access to Onshore’s campuses, ensuring tight communication and strategic alignment.

Onshore serves top companies across industries including Jones Lang LaSalle, Schneider National, Nike, Little Caesars, Centene, and others. Striving to own and drive the rapid pace of technological evolution, the company takes a comprehensive approach to quality services, working with clients to drive Quality through the cycle – driving value through human validation and problem solving while minimizing routine effort and cost through automation of verification processes. Clients can partner with Onshore confidently, knowing that redundancy and security are first-class citizens and that all workers will be U.S. based.

Advancing into the future, Onshore will expand geographically by opening campuses in several new areas in the U.S., as well as driving the Digital Transformation of its offerings using tools such as Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation.

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