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SharePoint Support as a Service: Onshore Outsourcing Helps Companies Maximize their IT Investment

June 28, 2021

ATLANTA, GA, June 28, 2021

Onshore Outsourcing, the market leader in domestic information technology solutions, today announced their latest innovation: SharePoint Support as a Service.

“We’re constantly listening to our clients, learning where their IT challenges are, and developing new ways to help their businesses run better,” said Michael Kohio, Director of IT Operations Practices. “SharePoint Support as a Service came directly from those conversations. Our clients know the value this platform can bring to their workplaces; what they need is a scalable pool of SharePoint experts with specific skills to help them maximize and support their IT investments.” 

According to Microsoft, over 200 million users work with SharePoint to collaborate across Microsoft 365. The necessity for it to function properly within an organization continues to grow as working remotely becomes more commonplace.

Onshore saw many of their customers focus on Office365 and SharePoint strategy and deployment. The gap they found was optimization around specific business needs, adoption throughout organizations, and change management that makes SharePoint more efficient.

“This is a critical need that can be offloaded to Onshore because we’re an affordable, long-term partner,” said Kohio. “Working with us allows internal IT teams to focus on the big picture while the day in/day out service that keeps a company running smoothly are managed by Onshore’s team of experts.”

Onshore has spent over 16 years training teams of experts in small towns throughout the U.S. to provide 24/7 support to a growing list of top national brands. Their curriculum begins with eight weeks of intensive, boot-camp style IT Training and ends with graduates obtaining two certifications: Microsoft Office Specialist and HDI Customer Service Representative. These two certifications allow graduates to be able to support all Microsoft 365 products, as well as receiving top-quality customer service skills. The new employees choose their own career path, which allows them the time and additional support to develop expertise on specific products such as SharePoint.

“Being supported on SharePoint helps our customers in almost every area of their business. They’re able to retain employees because they have better experiences collaborating with their peers and easily locating information they need. In addition, leadership has the confidence of knowing the platform is being use securely and appropriately, and all departments are able to better concentrate on their core business,” said Kohio.

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