IT Support as a Service




IT Support as a Service

Onshore Outsourcing’s rural IT Support solution offers a low-cost, domestic alternative to offshore outsourcing.


Organizations with a mature outsourcing competency will find our rural delivery model compliments their global outsourcing portfolio, while others will find it is an EASY, client-focused outsourcing solution with minimal barriers to adoption. As a Microsoft CSP Certified Partner, we can accommodate a wide-range a traditional IT Support demands while our rurally sourced workforce allows us to provide solutions that are also affordable and customizable.


We deliver vital IT Support services while maintaining a commitment to sustainable workforce development in rural America. Our best-in-class support solutions can be delivered from any of our strategically located delivery centers, allowing our partners to leverage our proximity in addition to the experience and expertise of our professionally cultivated staff.

Value-Added Solutions for Our Clients

Onshore Outsourcing solutions are designed to handle the needs of today while also allowing companies the opportunity to grow towards tomorrow. Our IT Support as a Service solution frees clients to focus their attention on the core of their business, eliminating waste and bringing decades of standards and “out of the box” tactics to our partners.

World Class Support

With a special focus on capabilities such as ITSM Consulting, VIP Service, CX Consultation and Knowledge Management, our IT Support solutions start with our proprietary, expert designed ITIL processes and procedures. With Onshore experts on your side, solutions will be implemented with minimal business disruption and built to stand the test of time.

Maximize Your IT Value

There’s no longer a reason to build your own help desk from the ground up when you can leverage the experience and expertise we’ve already cultivated. Focus your resources on your business core and let Onshore’s ITIL & HDI certified support experts enhance user experience while also emphasizing cost containment and improved efficiency.

Driving Satisfaction

Onshore solutions provide your employees with the support they need to do their work effectively– ensuring productivity is maximized while driving satisfaction for end users. By working with Onshore, you get the benefit of an experienced, US-based, full-service IT Support staff, giving you the tools you need to reach your goals.

Delivering Passion

Our company is passionate about creating new and unique solutions for the modern business landscape. We work to ensure that our clients benefit from the commitment and dedication of our specially trained staff. And by emphasizing the relationships between clients and communities, we provide our partners with reliable support as well as the opportunity to spark lasting change.

Creating a Dynamic and Flexible Workforce

The scalability and affordability of our IT Support solutions enable us to provide service to any business, no matter its size. By providing IT Support services via our uniquely dedicated rural workforce, our model drives both satisfaction and innovation.


Onshore Outsourcing’s proprietary approach to training ensures that we deliver tailored, high-quality solutions to our clients. Our focus on the individual and the community allows us to create growth and sustainable opportunities for rural America while simultaneously delivering reliable, value-driven solutions to our partners.

What We Offer

  • Advanced Self-Service, Self-Help & Chat capabilities
  • End-To-End IT Support solutions (Tiers 1 – 4)
  • 24x7x365
  • Support 100% U.S. based employing U.S. Citizens and Veterans
  • Customized and Flexible IT Services
  • Proprietary “Gold Standard” Customer Service
  • Advanced Support for Microsoft Products
  • Knowledge Management Solutions
  • ITSM Consultation, Implementation, & Support

What Our Customers Say

“Little Caesars was struggling with using an offshore service… Onshore came in, they learned our business…and took the time to understand our culture…our call times went from about 37 minutes of hold time down to 27 seconds.”

– Anita Klopfenstein, CIO at Little Caesars Pizza


“I have had nothing but positive feedback from the business.  I attribute this to Onshore’s hard work and passion for service delivery.  Thank you for doing such a superior job…And thank you, on behalf of our more than 15,000 Americas employees for helping build the foundation for JLL’s ambitious growth goals.”

– D. Edward Wagoner, Chief Information Officer Americas at JLL

Numbers You Should Know

customer improvements

Focus your business on growth and opportunity by using Onshore Outsourcing for your help desk solutions.

Onshore Features


VIP Help Desk

24/7 Support Center

Tier 1-3 Physical and Information Security Help Desk includes physical access provisioning and trouble ticket support

“Overall beginning to end, the experience with Onshore has been great. We’ve been able to transition quite a bit of our reporting to Onshore. The work is top notch.”


Michael Hughes, PMP
Manager Regulatory Data Submissions
Caresource Healthcare

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