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What is Talent Pipeline as a Service?


Simply put, Onshore’s Talent Pipeline as a Service is the most efficient way to leverage junior talent short term while simultaneously developing and assessing that talent for potential long-term employment. Our TPaaS gives hiring managers direct access to a robust queue of passionate individuals schooled in the Microsoft technology stack and provides our candidates with access to a high-demand career path. Done right, Onshore’s TPaaS helps businesses turn short-term maintenance and support services into long-term, value-driven strategies, and solutions.


For the past 16+ years, Onshore Outsourcing has leveraged proprietary boot camps to provide career opportunities to disenfranchised Americans and affordable solutions to valued partners. We have teamed up with numerous universities around the US to expertly deliver our proprietary .NET boot camp curriculum and to lay the technical foundation required for quality software development. Our boot camp graduates are more than affordable; they are reliable, retainable, and passionate about making a name for themselves and a difference for you.


Our TPaaS offers a uniquely integrated approach to sourcing, combining our core boot-camp strategy with an ongoing education cycle that is tied directly to your business framework, tools, methodologies, processes, and culture. And thanks to our “Try-Before-You-Buy” model, our partners receive ongoing, risk-free exposure to our dedicated associates before determining whether they are the “right fit” for long-term employment.


Sourcing development talent from traditional colleges can be time-consuming and expensive while training such talent can be exhausting and fruitless. In contrast, Onshore’s Talent Pipeline as a Service provides an affordable alternative with little to no upfront investment or risk.


How it Works


We lean on our established expertise in Workforce Development to confidently own the entire training, mentoring, and maturation process, with each client’s specific goals for the future firmly in mind. By blending our unique sourcing strategy with a flexible and adaptive approach to delivery, we provide a hybrid solution that immediately addresses your most pressing needs while also aligning future, developing talent with your long-term goals and desired business outcomes. Here’s how it works:


Onshore Associate Path


Boot Camp -> Pre-Engagement Training -> Onboarding -> Continuing Education -> Advancement -> Continuing Education -> Hired/Released


Onshore Delivery/Client Path


Define/Refine/Create Curriculum -> Onboarding -> Monthly Progress Reviews -> Determine Fit -> Hire/Release


Step-by-Step Process: 

  • Pre-Engagement Training


Pre-Engagement Training serves as a key piece to Onshore’s delivery strategy. In advance of onboarding, Onshore will work closely with Client management teams to build an Engagement-specific curriculum, including content on the client environment, specific tools, and short-term engagement scope. This curriculum will be administered to Client-assigned resources by Onshore’s delivery team in advance of official kickoff and ensures the first team onboarded will be prepared to hit the ground running. Onshore will also leverage the developed training content for future growth and/or backfill purposes. Pre-Engagement Training may last for anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks.


  • Onboarding


Once Pre-Engagement training is complete and Engagement commences, Onshore will onboard its team of dedicated resources and will do so according to a transition plan collaboratively developed between Onshore and Client. Onshore resources will be integrated into the Client’s day-to-day workflow with immediate contributions and deliverables in mind.


  • Build Continuing Education Curriculum


In parallel with Onboarding, Onshore’s workforce development team will work closely with the Client to build a custom model and curriculum around Continuing Education. Curriculum and model will consider things like technical requirements, relevant tools, and frameworks, long-term priorities and plans, training schedule and cadence, projected growth, etc.


  • Administer Continuing Education Curriculum 


Onshore will be responsible for maintaining and delivering the advanced Client-specific curriculum, with resource development and ongoing maturation specifically in mind. Continuing Education curriculum will be administered in parallel with the team’s day-to-day, on-the-job contributions and will be scheduled according to an agreed-upon schedule and cadence created by Onshore and Client.


  • Selective Hiring: 


Clients will have the opportunity to extend full-time employment offers to any or all Onshore resources who have been assigned to their Engagement for a minimum period of time. Clients may also decline the opportunity to hire and continue deploying Onshore resources in a typical Team Extension arrangement.


In the short term, we will leverage our TPaaS model to flexibly provide reliable programmers in a scalable, low-cost fashion. This approach provides our partners with the opportunity to repurpose internal talent, maximize their production and focus leadership’s time on business-critical initiatives. Long term, we will custom tailor and groom the talent of your future and offer you the opportunity to work side-by-side with our dedicated professionals before determining your overall level of investment.


What we Offer


  • Full-Stack, Junior .NET Programmers (Microsoft Tech. Stack focus)
  • .NET Maintenance & Support – Break/Fix, Enhancement and Modernization Services
  • Knowledge Capture/Documentation
  • Curriculum Development, Update, or Enhancement Services – Free of Charge!
  • Ongoing, Customized Resource Training and Curriculum Maintenance – Free of Charge!
  • Try-before-you-Buy Opportunity to Hire
  • A 100% American workforce
  • Language and Cultural Fluency
  • Location and Time-Zone Convenience


Why it Matters – To You and America


Over the years, we’ve been forced to confront a simple truth: Our partners tend to fall in love with our people and almost immediately view them as their own. We quickly realized that if we were going to continue to deliver upon our mission – not just through foundational training but via career advancement as well – we needed a way to make that vision a reality.

Our novel TPaaS helps us deliver upon the Onshore mission on an ongoing basis, positioning our clients to continue advancing our important social and economic cause even after our people have moved on.


We remain passionately committed to developing sustainable careers for hard-working Americans and to providing value-driven solutions to our many partners. And like all of our service offerings, our unique TPaaS seamlessly marries the two missions. Most importantly of all, our willingness to provide talent upfront, ongoing training for free, and the option to hire long-term to ensure that both our people and our partners are addressing today’s needs while working toward tomorrow’s goals.


And you don’t have to take our word for it; instead, simply listen to what our people and partners have to say:

Onshore Features


VIP Help Desk

24/7 Support Center

Tier 1-3 Physical and Information Security Help Desk includes physical access provisioning and trouble ticket support

Outsourcing does not have to mean offshore

  • Focused & Flexible IT Solutions
  • Onshore Training

At Onshore Outsourcing, our passion is for providing Americans in small towns with rewarding and sustainable IT careers while helping our partners achieve ultimate success. By providing value-driven solutions tailored to their specific operations, we afford our partners with the time and freedom they need to focus on core business strategies.

Onshore delivers secure, reliable and scalable IT services without time-zone constraints or language and cultural barriers. Our solutions are rapidly customized to meet specific requirements and our skilled workforce is uniquely invested in client goals and initiatives. Whether delivered through a Managed Service or as a Team Extension, Onshore solutions generate meaningful value through operational excellence, a superior service experience and a risk-free approach to customized IT support.

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Onshore Outsourcing delivers upon its mission of rural revitalization through its novel approach to workforce development. Thanks to our proprietary boot camps in Software Development, Quality Assurance and IT Support, there’s no need to trek across the country, move to a large metropolitan area or have a previous background in IT for a rewarding and meaningful career.

Training begins with eight weeks of intensive, 40-hours-a-week, boot-camp-style IT training and ends with a real world capstone project and presentation. Our workforce development programs cover today’s most utilized technologies and apply “real world” problem solving to develop critical thinking skills and help mold IT professionals who are driven by continuous improvement, development and competition.

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“Overall beginning to end, the experience with Onshore has been great. We’ve been able to transition quite a bit of our reporting to Onshore. The work is top notch.”


Michael Hughes, PMP
Manager Regulatory Data Submissions
Caresource Healthcare

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