With more than 340 years of operational experience, this Onshore Outsourcing partner stands as one of the oldest commercial corporations in North America and as one of the oldest retailers in the world. With revenue of more than $7 billion, it is comprised of several brand subsidiaries, and operates more than 300 locations across North America.


The group’s IT framework was a mixture of homegrown applications, as well as some customized enterprise solutions, indicating a need for application lifecycle management for some additional integrations. The retail group turned to Onshore to help them meet their IT goals, which included increasing efficiency while lowering cost.

The solution

Among other items, Onshore’s development team built an Omni Channel Commerce (OCC) integration as well as a PayPal integration into e-commerce sites through transaction processing, revenue, and reporting. Finally, Onshore also helped integrate the company’s Merchandise Locator with legacy applications and all relevant new brands.

The results

  • Development of a new Commissions Reporting and Pay system, providing a common interface across all brands.
  • Improvement in credit card handling procedures to better process transactions utilizing multiple credit cards and account numbers.
  • Established process and structure for overall application lifecycle management.

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