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Generative AI offers unprecedented opportunity to transform all facets of modern business, from how customers engage with and perceive the business to how operations are performed to deliver the customer experience. Companies must adapt quickly to harness its potential or risk falling behind. But for enterprise leaders, the vast potential and the numerous risks create doubt and delay. There’s a better way to move forward.  

Genesis AI combines Onshore’s leadership in artificial intelligence, data modernization, and enterprise software development & testing with Onshore’s cost effective Rural Outsourcing Model to provide a complete toolkit to adopt, build, and scale responsible AI solutions that you can trust.  

AI Services that scale with you.

We assist you at every stage of the development lifecycle:

  • AI Consulting
    Leverage expert advice to navigate AI integration, strategy, and deployment, ensuring your organization maximizes its AI potential.
  • AI Solution Architecture
    Design robust AI frameworks tailored to your unique needs, optimizing for scalability, performance, and security.
  • AI Software Development
    Develop custom AI-driven software solutions that automate processes, enhance productivity, and deliver actionable insights.
  • API Integration
    Seamlessly incorporate AI capabilities into your existing applications, enabling features like real-time translation and image-based product identification.
  • AI Data Engineering
    Construct scalable data infrastructures to manage the vast volumes of data essential for effective AI training and deployment.
  • AI Testing
    Ensure your AI models are reliable and accurate through rigorous testing and validation techniques.
  • Prompt Engineering
    Craft precise prompts for LLMs to enhance response accuracy and efficiency using advanced reinforcement learning techniques.
  • AI Solution Support
    Provide ongoing support and maintenance for your AI solutions, ensuring continuous performance and adaptability.
  • RAG Pipeline Development
    Create robust Retrieval-Augmented Generation pipelines to enhance your AI models with real-time, contextually relevant information.

Beyond AI

Outsource additional projects to our U.S. based teams.

  • Managed Services
    When you require consistent and reliable IT support, Onshore Managed Services deliver end-to-end management, allowing you to focus on your core business while we handle your IT operations seamlessly.
  • Staff Augmentation
    When you need to bridge gaps in your team—whether it’s additional manpower or specialized technical skills—Onshore Outsourcing provides the flexibility to scale your capacity according to your business needs.

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Our clients are accomplishing big things with our IT help.

  • Close up of pizza
    More than one billion pizzas delivered annually
  • Young kid smiling at dinner
    More than 2 million homes & businesses supplied with electricity
  • Closeup shot of a person tying his shoelaces while exercising outdoors
    50% of global athletic apparel
  • A ground crew member taxis in a large commercial jet
    10% US airports secured
Man with glasses talking on a headset

Onshore by the numbers

  • More than 5000
    lives positively impacted in US communities
  • More than two million
    client help desk tickets answered/year
  • 80%
    average employee retention rate
  • 100%
    US-based workforce
  • 99%
    SLA compliance

Onshore Outsourcing enables hundreds of global, enterprise organizations to unleash their true potential by excelling in these four areas.

  • Years of experience in many industries gives us a head start on understanding your unique requirements.

  • Our teams are technical experts in multiple managed services, software development languages, and methodologies, including Agile and ShiftLeft.

  • From onboarding new team members to ongoing workforce development programs, our processes have been fine tuned to predict success.

  • What began as a mission to bring high-tech, IT careers to communities across America has evolved into one of the largest rural IT outsourcing companies.

Industries served

  • Healthcare Life Sciences

    Building and supporting the future of care and treatment

  • Transportation & Logistics

    Moving goods and materials to all corners of the world

  • Manufacturing

    Building the future of essential materials and services

  • Energy

    Accelerating innovation of renewable energy sources

  • Retail

    Enabling access to the goods and services we need everyday

  • Financial Services & Insurance

    Empowering global financial organizations

Onshore Outsourcing is proud to provide IT staff augmentation and IT managed services to some of the world’s leading enterprises.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Hear what our customers have to say about Onshore Outsourcing.

  • Little Caesars was struggling with using an offshore service…Onshore came in, they learned our business…and took the time to understand our culture…our call times went from about 37 minutes of hold time down to 27 seconds.

    Anita Klopfenstein CIO Little Caesars Pizza
  • Onshore’s unique model has proven to deliver reliable personnel with up-to-date IT skills and expertise for solving our testing problems and enhancing our customer delivery. The Onshore team’s expertise in tools administration established our JIRA and Confluence platforms from the ground up changing the way we do our daily work. We are proud to be called a client of Onshore!

    Diane Fennell Director Vendor Mgmt, AARP
  • I found that the cost/value benefit from the Onshore consultants is extraordinary! Their team members are able to hit the ground running most of the time (~90%). And in those instances where additional guidance is needed they have the leads to ensure ramp-up without impacting the team at large.

    Shane Sturgeon Software Engineer Manager
  • I just had a chance to review metrics. I see that we have exceeded the FCR numbers for 23 days in a row. That is awesome! Let the team know they are doing a great job, and we appreciate the work they are doing! I think this is a new record.

    Karen Kyles Parmar Problem Management Analyst, Schneider National Inc.
  • Overall beginning to end, the experience with Onshore has been great. We’ve been able to transition quite a bit of our reporting to Onshore. The work is top notch. If I were grading [Onshore] across the board, right now it would be straight A’s. I like their attentiveness. They hustle… very receptive to any changes we have.

    Michael Hughes Regulatory Data Submission
  • We are able to utilize the same people and build up their experience to add value to our business rather than having a revolving team where we are constantly training new people. Their people have integrity, care about the work they do, and are skilled and adaptable to learn new things.

    Lisa Harrington Director Enterprise Application, SharkNinja
  • The Onshore developers we currently have on our team have done a great job supporting our program. They take initiative to learn new concepts, take on additional work when necessary, and help us meet our target delivery dates.

    Christine Ware Manager IT Business Relationship, PulteGroup

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