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Can You Execute on Your AI Ambitions?

April 19, 2018

“The ability to use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to enhance decision making, reinvent business models and ecosystems, and remake the customer experience will drive the payoff for digital initiatives through 2025,” according to Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2018

However, many companies are trying to identify where to target their digital transformation initiatives and how AI will be a part of the strategy. According to a recent study, less than 39% of all companies have an AI strategy in place. While there is a gap between AI ambition and execution, there is also a gap between expectations and reality.

Many organizations struggle to identify realistic use cases for AI and also have difficulty determining which tasks are appropriate for AI or Machine Learning and which tasks need human intervention. It is critical to have human intelligence involved where judgement and interpretation is needed.

“Key to a reconceptualization of collective intelligence in the post-AI age is the design of the interface between humans and machines so as to leverage the comparative advantages of both,” according to Scientific American contributors Martin Reeves and Mihnea Moldoveanu.

Onshore Outsourcing’s outlook on AI is that the companies we partner with will have use cases for Intelligence Augmentation, where AI augments human thinking, but skilled professionals are needed to utilize AI while determining the best way to serve the customer.

For us and the clients we serve, it comes down to the importance of training employees.

For the past year, we have continued to target our efforts on Digital Transformation, with a focus on AI. Learning and providing the tools, systems and best practices to help our customers with their digital transformations is the responsibility of every executive, manager and employee at Onshore Outsourcing.

Many development team members chose to participate in a course, which took place over the past few months, to stretch their way of thinking beyond how they typically approach projects and client work. Initiatives like this class continue to drive our development capabilities forward, particularly as applied to AI.

The course participants applied concepts like searching and optimization problems, adversarial and advanced searching algorithms, and basic data structures to create bots capable of playing games and puzzles. A team from the class competed in MIT’s Battlecode, a real-time strategy game where participants write an AI player that must strategically manage its robot army and control how the robots work together. Then, the virtual robot armies compete head-to-head against other teams in scrimmages and tournaments. Contestants learn how to use AI, pathfinding, distributed algorithms and network communications.

In addition to upskilling our development and integration team members in the importance of training employees, Onshore Outsourcing is also focused on helping its customers to elevate their service desks through automation and AI.

Our service desk teams are beginning training that will empower agents to create a personalized experience that thoroughly meets the expectations of the customer. By combining certifications with ITIL and HDI Support Center Standards, our teams will be able to employ new tools like AI-powered emotion display and automated knowledge recommendation to augment every agent-customer interaction.

Onshore Outsourcing is committed to the importance of training employees and upskilling our professionals so we can help your company integrate AI while keeping your focus on serving the customer with personalized solutions. Want to talk to us about your digital transformation?

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