Technical skill and industry expertise that adapts to your business.

Transportation & Logistics

Recent supply chain challenges have transformed technology use across the industry. Skilled, well-staffed IT help desks and software resources are more important than ever.

We provide managed IT services and staff augmentation to leading companies in transportation & logistics, including better IT support for drivers, greater visibility into inventories, and more efficient use of manual resources.


As the retail industry struggles to adjust to the post-pandemic environment, technology solutions must adapt to meet supply chain issues and changing mobile customer experiences.

Learn how Onshore Outsourcing’s experienced team of technology specialists can help accelerate your organization’s ability to adapt and thrive in the evolving marketplace.

Healthcare Life Sciences

The healthcare and life sciences industry is undergoing massive digital transformation. Protecting personal health information (PHI), interoperability, and regulatory compliance require top-notch technical and industry expertise.

Our clients include health plans, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and healthcare providers leading the way in technology adoption to improve health outcomes, reduce costs, and protect the healthcare enterprise.

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Hear what our customers have to say about Onshore Outsourcing.

  • Little Caesars was struggling with using an offshore service…Onshore came in, they learned our business…and took the time to understand our culture…our call times went from about 37 minutes of hold time down to 27 seconds.

    Anita Klopfenstein CIO Little Caesars Pizza


Rising material costs and recent supply chain disruptions have led to manufacturers rapidly adopting digital automation strategies to modernize their business. 

We’ve helped hundreds of manufacturing businesses optimize these transitions with innovative software solutions, end-user support desks, and higher quality assurance testing initiatives. 

Energy Markets

The energy sector is under extreme pressure to meet evolving regulatory requirements and supply/demand fluctuations, but many organizations are held back by their legacy systems. 

When global markets are at stake, we can provide experienced IT outsourcing to increase efficiency, gain deeper business insights, and help modernize IT systems and support. 

Financial Services & Insurance

Financial services and insurance providers are experiencing rapid digital transformation as companies struggle to meet the growing tech demands of consumers and regaluatory changes.

We have years of experience working with front-office applications and back-end transaction processing systems. We offer expert staff augmentation, IT help desk support, and data security to transform your operations.