Application Development & Maintenance (.NET)




Application Development & Maintenance (.NET)

Onshore Outsourcing provides affordable, domestically sourced, application maintenance and development services using Microsoft .NET technology services.


Onshore solutions prioritize your organization’s unique challenges and needs and are tailored to be as reliable as they are affordable. Better yet, we do it all from our secure delivery centers located strategically throughout rural America. Rather than using your existing talent for application maintenance or relying on teams that sit on the other side of the world, you can leverage our customizable workforce right here at home.


The need to constantly fix, update or modify existing code can be a detriment to continued operations and growth. Whether we’re optimizing applications, accelerating implementations, or providing major system upgrades, patches and support, Onshore solutions free you to focus on strategies and initiatives that are critical to your business future by releasing your teams from the daily grind that keeps them overburdened.


Benefit From the Experts in “White Chip” Work

At Onshore Outsourcing, we focus on solutions that make a difference. Our expertise lies in maintaining and/or enhancing existing applications and systems, while our value lies in the outcomes we inspire. Our ability to identify and effectively manage the low-hanging fruit, or “white-chip” work, will free up your best internal talent to focus on the more transformative, strategy-based “blue-chip” work that matters the most.


Our application services bring a process-driven focus to tedious maintenance and support, or to what we refer to as “White Chip” work. While the development of new products, or “Blue Chip” work, might be more sophisticated and complex, “White Chip” work remains an essential service, and we provide it affordably and reliably. With a well-defined technical focus and our own proprietary approach to workforce development in place, we are able to efficiently tailor and scale our workforce with the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed in today’s rapidly changing field of IT.


Don’t let your teams expend effort on these simpler and often time-consuming tasks. Rather than struggling to hire, train, and retain, partner with Onshore so you can focus your time, effort and manpower on the new applications, architecture and strategies that need to be designed and executed to help your business grow.


Tailored Solutions to Fit Your Needs

At Onshore Outsourcing, we offer tailored solutions to meet the individual needs of each client. This allows us to create powerful solutions that your business can use to effectively manage its software needs. Our services provide value by working with you to promote efficiency, empowerment, and growth:



We don’t just provide support – we actively communicate to ensure that you are getting as much value from our services as possible. By providing rural-based team extensions that are highly engaged in your day-to-day processes and workflows, we achieve a deep understanding of your business needs and deliver customized solutions focused on reducing both waste and cost.



As your project needs expand and demand changes, we can provide a steady stream of resources to right-size your staff and an established and structured delivery approach to update and improve processes. By leveraging our wealth of IT experience and expertise in training and workforce development, our value-driven solutions are as dynamic as they are accommodating.



Our goal is to enable our clients to focus on what’s most important and to empower them to succeed by removing the day-to-day monotony and headaches. We believe in quality service, which starts by providing our clients with the people and tools they need to focus their attention on the big picture. You can stay a step ahead of the competition by using our collaborative, business-focused solutions.



Our services are centered around growth. The agility and consultation we offer help businesses address the demands of today as well as the goals of tomorrow. We provide our partners with the resources they need to maintain existing projects and with the technical insight required to continuously improve, and in turn help them to grow without the long-term financial commitment of hiring new staff. Simply put, products can be live, lean and generating revenue faster with our flexible approach to software maintenance.


Specialized Software Maintenance Using

Onshore Outsourcing specializes in software maintenance and support using .NET technologies. Knowledge of these technologies is vital for maintaining client applications and systems. We will work to identify your specific business needs, consider the nature of your application’s design process and build a custom team that’s best for you:


What We Offer:


  • 15+ years of experience
  • Diverse industry expertise
  • ITIL Certified
  • Microsoft CSP Certified Partner
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Continuous Improvement Services
  • GoToZero – Technical Debt Reduction
  • BI & Data Analytics
  • QA Services
  • Flexible Delivery Models
  • Predictable, affordable pricing
  • Multitiered management structure
  • 100% Domestic
  • High Retention
  • Talent Pipeline as a Service
  • Experience supporting hundreds of applications today
  • Credibility – Numerous Fortune-500 Partners across multiple business verticals


Onshore services can be efficiently leveraged to quickly deliver robust, reliable, and scalable services at a low cost. We will work to identify the unique circumstances of your business so that we can free up your best talent to focus on long-term goals. Allow us to improve the performance of your software and systems with our client-focused, expertly designed maintenance and support methodologies.


Contact Onshore Outsourcing today so that we can take care of your business’s application maintenance (.NET) needs.

Onshore Features


VIP Help Desk

24/7 Support Center

Tier 1-3 Physical and Information Security Help Desk includes physical access provisioning and trouble ticket support

“Overall beginning to end, the experience with Onshore has been great. We’ve been able to transition quite a bit of our reporting to Onshore. The work is top notch.”


Michael Hughes, PMP
Manager Regulatory Data Submissions
Caresource Healthcare

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