Talent Pipeline as a Service




Talent Pipeline as a Service

Developing value-driven support sourced from rural America is the passion that has driven us to provide our talent pipeline as a service.


With a focus on sustainable career growth for rural Americans, we have established ourselves as a leader in managing growth. The practical advantages of sourcing local support services have allowed us to provide exclusive benefits to our clients, with unique opportunities for meeting the demands of their business. By creating an intimate relationship between our staff and your business, we ensure that growth and success will go hand-in-hand.


We are dedicated to building positive relationships that provide long-term advantages to our clients, giving them the knowledge and resources they need to invest in our services practically and effectively. By providing our talent pipeline as a service, Onshore Outsourcing makes its best talent available to you, ensuring the long-term success of your business.


Our skilled staff is prepared to meet your IT needs.


Sustainable Solutions for the Future

At Onshore Outsourcing, we are dedicated to building relationships between communities, professionals, and businesses.


Our focus on outsourcing staff from rural America has allowed us to develop lasting relationships with both businesses and communities. Our talent pipeline allows us to work intimately with our clients so that they can benefit from this relationship. By helping professionals from local communities develop their careers through education, training, and commitment, we provide our partners with the IT solutions that they need to be successful.


We believe in creating a healthy and dynamic workforce through specialized training and development of talented candidates. Building relationships between individuals, their communities, and the businesses that we partner with allows us to promote more sustainable channels for growth. By providing new and unique methods for recruiting staff, we believe that we can have a positive impact on your business both now and in the future.


We Don’t Just Provide Results

Onshore Outsourcing provides a variety of important benefits to companies that utilize our talent pipeline as a service.


Seamless Interaction

Our sourcing solutions ensure seamless interaction between your business and its short-term staffing needs. Our talent pipeline has the flexibility to meet the demands of your business no matter what the circumstances. By focusing on quality training and development within our pipeline, we can provide workers with the evolving business landscape.


Practical Choices

We allow our clients to decide what sourcing opportunities work best for them. Our flexible and affordable solutions let businesses retain outsourced talent up front, with the option to hire them when it is practical for their situation. With Onshore Outsourcing, you can quickly fill key roles in your organization from among our pool of qualified candidates and build relationships for the future.


Affordable Options

Our sourcing options are both practical and affordable. With our highly-trained staff, you can be sure they are ready to work at a reasonable cost to your business, ensuring your investment in their talent will be put to good use, and maximizing the efficiency of your operations. Recruiting through our talent pipeline will allow you to adapt to changing circumstances without overextending your budget.


Amazing Talent

We go to great lengths to provide the talent that your business needs to succeed. Our clients benefit from the best talent Onshore has to offer. All of our staff will go through two to three years of daily, collaborative client-specific training, in their environments and using their tools. You no longer need to find new candidates to fill positions. We provide direct access to individuals with the experience you need.


Recruit From Our Best Talent

Our talent pipeline as a service represents a commitment to providing educated well-trained professionals who are willing and able to adapt to the changing circumstances of the business world. At Onshore Outsourcing, we work to maintain a higher standard for our partners, giving them the tools they need to recruit the best-in-class talent that we have to offer.


You will get:


  • Client-specific training: we bring the benefit of focused training solutions built from scratch
  • Practical knowledge: our workforce has the skills and training to meet your needs
  • Locally sourced talent: we provide real people sourced from rural American communities


Onshore will ensure that you receive the most value for your investment with our talent pipeline. Recruit from our pool of qualified staff to grow your business. Stay connected to a dynamic and continuously evolving workforce. The value of communicating your needs and having those needs met only goes to show why relationships matter in business.


Get highly trained, talented professionals tailored to suit your needs from our client pipeline. We groom the talent that will transform your tomorrow.

Onshore Features


VIP Help Desk

Business Objects Help Desk

24/7 Support Center

Tier 1-3 Physical and Information Security Help Desk includes physical access provisioning and trouble ticket support

“Overall beginning to end, the experience with Onshore has been great. We’ve been able to transition quite a bit of our reporting to Onshore. The work is top notch.”


Michael Hughes, PMP
Manager Regulatory Data Submissions
Caresource Healthcare

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