SharePoint Support as a Service: Onshore Outsourcing Helps Companies Maximize their IT Investment

ATLANTA, GA, June 28, 2021


Onshore Outsourcing, the market leader in domestic information technology solutions, today announced their latest innovation: SharePoint Support as a Service.


“We’re constantly listening to our clients, learning where their IT challenges are, and developing new ways to help their businesses run better,” said Michael Kohio, Director of IT Operations Practices. “SharePoint Support as a Service came directly from those conversations. Our clients know the value this platform can bring to their workplaces; what they need is a scalable pool of SharePoint experts with specific skills to help them maximize and support their IT investments.” 


According to Microsoft, over 200 million users work with SharePoint to collaborate across Microsoft 365. The necessity for it to function properly within an organization continues to grow as working remotely becomes more commonplace.


Onshore saw many of their customers focus on Office365 and SharePoint strategy and deployment. The gap they found was optimization around specific business needs, adoption throughout organizations, and change management that makes SharePoint more efficient.


“This is a critical need that can be offloaded to Onshore because we’re an affordable, long-term partner,” said Kohio. “Working with us allows internal IT teams to focus on the big picture while the day in/day out service that keeps a company running smoothly are managed by Onshore’s team of experts.”


Onshore has spent over 16 years training teams of experts in small towns throughout the U.S. to provide 24/7 support to a growing list of top national brands. Their curriculum begins with eight weeks of intensive, boot-camp style IT Training and ends with graduates obtaining two certifications: Microsoft Office Specialist and HDI Customer Service Representative. These two certifications allow graduates to be able to support all Microsoft 365 products, as well as receiving top-quality customer service skills. The new employees choose their own career path, which allows them the time and additional support to develop expertise on specific products such as SharePoint.


“Being supported on SharePoint helps our customers in almost every area of their business. They’re able to retain employees because they have better experiences collaborating with their peers and easily locating information they need. In addition, leadership has the confidence of knowing the platform is being use securely and appropriately, and all departments are able to better concentrate on their core business,” said Kohio.

HDI Certified Team - Onshore Outsourcing
HDI Logo

Onshore Outsourcing Recipient of 2020 HDI Team Certified Pinnacle of Excellence Award


Onshore Outsourcing is honored to be presented with the HDI Team Certified Pinnacle of Excellence Award for 2020.

MACON, MO – February 20, 2020

Onshore Outsourcing (Onshore), the market leader in providing rural information technology services and solutions to Fortune 2000 companies, is honored to be presented with the HDI Team Certified Pinnacle of Excellence Award for 2020, recognizing the company’s Knowledge Management Team and Support Center Team Lead Group. The announcement was made today by Dan Nixon, COO, Onshore.

HDI is an industry leader dedicated to elevating service and support across the enterprise, honoring the individuals, teams and organizations that have enhanced the image of the technical service and support industry through exceptional leadership, vision, innovation, and achieving the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.


Each year, the HDI Team Certified Pinnacle of Excellence Award recognizes support centers with four or more employees where every member has earned HDI certification.


“We’re truly honored to receive this prestigious distinction from HDI,” comments Nixon. “Onshore has always been committed to promoting excellence throughout the company, from top management to our talented employees. These awards underscore this commitment and also inspire us to maintain and even further escalate the high quality standards and service levels of our team.”


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Supplier of the Year Award - Onshore Outsourcing (Rural IT Outsourcing Provider)

Onshore Outsourcing Named AARP’s Supplier of the Year


Rural IT Outsourcing Provider Onshore Outsourcing Receives Annual Supplier of the Year Award from AARP.

MACON, MO – August 9, 2019


AARP presented Onshore Outsourcing with its annual Supplier of the Year Award last month at its 3rd Annual Supplier Diversity Awards & Recognition Program.

Each year AARP recognizes diverse suppliers who have done outstanding work on behalf of the organization, as well as acknowledge internal departments, business units, team members and strategic partners that have demonstrated an organizational commitment to support, engage and sustain diverse suppliers.


“Onshore’s unique model has proven to deliver reliable personnel with up-to-date IT skills and expertise for solving our testing problems and enhancing our customer delivery,” said Diane Fennell, Director, Vendor Management Office, AARP Information Technology. “The Onshore team’s expertise in tools administration established our JIRA and Confluence platforms from the ground up. We are pleased to work with a supplier so committed to diversity.”


Shane Mayes, a Gulf War veteran, founded Onshore Outsourcing (Onshore) in 2005 with the purpose of helping people see beyond their current situation toward a better way of life, providing rewarding IT careers to individuals living in rural communities. Mayes has built Onshore into a market leader and nationally recognized firm that provides domestic IT outsourcing and software development solutions to Fortune 2000 companies through a unique rural delivery model that is competitive with offshore providers.


About AARP – AARP is the nation’s largest nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to empowering Americans 50 and older to choose how they live as they age. With nearly 38 million members and offices in every state, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, AARP works to strengthen communities and advocate for what matters most to families with a focus on health security, financial stability and personal fulfillment. AARP also works for individuals in the marketplace by sparking new solutions and allowing carefully chosen, high-quality products and services to carry the AARP name. As a trusted source for news and information, AARP produces the world’s largest circulation publications, AARP The Magazine and AARP Bulletin. To learn more, visit or follow @AARP and @AARPadvocates on social media.


About Onshore Outsourcing – Onshore Outsourcing turns rural Americans and veterans into IT professionals and delivers tailored IT services and digital consulting to Fortune 2000 companies, among others. Businesses rely on Onshore Outsourcing as their U.S. co-sourcing IT partner because of the company’s dependability, scalability, and cost-efficiency. A unique training methodology allows Onshore Outsourcing to deliver IT services and resources that provide the benefits of local proximity, freeing clients to focus on what matters most. 


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Shane Mayes, CEO, Onshore Outsourcing
(L-R) Shane Mayes, CEO, Onshore Outsourcing, Bert Brantley, COO, Georgia Department of Economic Development, Joe Drouin, CIO, Pulte Group, Anita Klopfenstein, CIO, Little Caesars Pizza, David Rubinger

Onshore Explores the Evolution of Rural Outsourcing in Georgia at Special Power Breakfast


Shane Mayes, CEO, Onshore Outsourcing discusses the low-cost, domestic alternative to offshore outsourcing and its unique approach to workforce development.

ATLANTA, GA – May 6, 2019

Onshore Outsourcing, the market leader in providing rural information technology services and solutions to Fortune 2000 companies, hosted a special panel event, part of the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Power Breakfast Series, held recently at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Buckhead.

The lively panel themed “Rural IT Outsourcing,” featured Bert Brantley, COO, Georgia Department of Economic Development, Joe Drouin, CIO, Pulte Group, Anita Klopfenstein, CIO, Little Caesars Pizza, Shane Mayes, CEO, Onshore Outsourcing and was moderated by David Rubinger, Market President and Publisher, Atlanta Business Chronicle.


Historically, Atlanta companies had little choice but to outsource a majority of their IT services overseas, often times sacrificing quality and convenience. More recently, however, many businesses have found an attractive local alternative in rural sourcing. The discussion explored the evolution of rural outsourcing, how companies have successfully taken advantage of it, and how state and local governments see it as a key solution to providing economic growth for some of Georgia’s rural communities.


Shane Mayes, CEO, Onshore, the event’s sponsor, comments, “I am extremely delighted by the great turn out at the event. I was pleased to share Onshore’s low-cost, domestic alternative to offshore outsourcing and our unique approach to workforce development with our attendees from the Georgia business community. We strive to deliver to our customers cost-effective solutions to provide enhanced business performance, accelerated time-to-market, increased productivity and improved customer service.”


Onshore’s current client portfolio includes such leading global enterprises as Pulte Group, AARP, Schneider, Nike, Siemens, Jones Lang Lasalle, Parker Hannifin, Panera Bread, Centene Heatlthcare Corporation, and many fast-growing mid-tier businesses, including Mercy Home and Harris Govern.


Bert Brantley noted the consensus was that providing better, more interesting jobs, will inspire people to stay and work successfully in their home towns, while enjoying a better quality of life.


Mayes offered an alternative, but slowing changing view, on the importance of a four-year college education. He comments, “I believe in training people for the job to be done as quick as possible, and then creating opportunities for them to learn while earning an income.” He also noted that a person pursuing a long-term career with Onshore can earn quite a good income.


On the topic of aversion to ‘call center jobs,’ he adds, “Jobs help people get by. Careers help people live and experience life. We create careers, not jobs.”


Joe Drouin drew attention to the stigma in American society towards vocational training, and reported that some employees, who started as interns or were recruited from Onshore, “have evolved into some of the sharpest and brightest minds that we have on the team.”


Anita Klopfenstein adds, “Attitude, aptitude and the ability to write code” is preferred over a four-year degree holder, “who might not have the ability to think for themselves.” They may not have the same eagerness, and stressed she prefers “someone who has a passion and aptitude.”


The final questions were about obstacles for Onshore in the state and “How big can this get?” Mayes advised to address the symptoms of generational poverty and its associated social consequences, as well as the challenge to attract qualified leaders to rural areas to shepherd the entry-level recruits.


Everyone in attendance agreed that Georgia’s approach to workforce development is world-class and the state continues to be one of the best places to do business in the country, and particularly, in its rural areas.


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Onshore Outsourcing to bring over 100 new I.T. Jobs to Crockett, Texas


Company’s rapid growth and huge demand for IT services propel opening of a new facility in small Texas town.

MACON, MO – April 5, 2019


Onshore Outsourcing, the market leader in providing rural information technology services and solutions to Fortune 2000 companies, announced the expansion of its rural footprint by opening in Crockett, Texas its third rural delivery center. The new delivery center will help Onshore extend its managed services, DevOps, data analytics, and service desk capabilities to serve a growing customer base in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Austin, and Houston.

Onshore is a unique, mission-based IT outsourcing firm, distinguished by its quest to inspire positive social and economic change in small communities that have been hurt by a new digital economy. The firm’s purpose is to help people see beyond their current situation toward a better way of life. At present, Onshore realizes its purpose by providing practical IT training and employment opportunities to underemployed and dislocated workers in Macon, Missouri and Glennville, Georgia. Employees of Onshore get to work on some of the most advanced business and technology problems shaping our world today. Throughout its 14-year history, Onshore has served many of the largest and most recognizable firms in America and has employed over 1,000 people, creating an entirely new middle class in both Macon and Glennville alike. Now, Onshore seeks to bring the same social and economic prosperity to Crockett, Texas.


“We’re delighted to be adding Crockett to the list of communities we serve, and we applaud the community for having the vision to invest in itself. We know how hard it is for small towns to survive in an economic landscape driven by globalization and technological disruption. The future can be scary, but I saw something special in Crockett that should give people hope. I saw people unified in their desire to not only survive, but to thrive in the face of these challenges. I saw people who deeply care about future generations in Crockett. This hopeful spirit is something the community should be proud of,” said Shane Mayes, Onshore CEO. He further added, “I’d like to thank the men and women of the city council, Mayor Clonts, John Angerstein, the board members of the Crockett Economic & Industrial Corporation, and especially James Gentry for his leadership in creating the economic foundation that Onshore will build upon as we set out on this journey to create 100 information technology jobs in Crockett over the next several years.”


“We welcome Onshore’s decision to designate Crockett as a new home and grow its workforce. We truly believe that our city and surrounding communities can deliver the expert IT pool and resources to Onshore and are looking forward to working with them as we expand business and rural employment opportunities for a better economy,” said James Gentry, Executive Director, Crockett Economic & Industrial Development Corp. “The impact of Onshore on our community’s is expected to have a significant impact on the culture here in Crockett and allow the citizens of our community to hold their heads high as they become contributors to the prosperity of Crockett, Texas.”


“The response from the Crockett community has been overwhelming. We’re proud to add them to our list of partners joining our mission to revitalize small-town America. I know I speak for all of us when I say: it’s time to get to work!” said Dan Nixon, VP, Client Services & Workforce Management, Onshore.

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Onshore Outsourcing recognized as one of the 10 Most Promising Software Testing Consulting & Services Companies

MACON, MO – December 28, 2018


Leading IT Industry publication, CIO Review ranked Onshore Outsourcing in the Top 10 Most Promising Software Testing Consulting/Services Companies of 2018.

Software Quality in a DevOps World


In today’s world, paying lip service to IT agility is not enough. Information Technology service providers, both internal and outsourced, must have a nuanced understanding of the business, people, and challenges they serve to drive and create value on ever-shorter timescales. The DevOps movement, a commitment to the principles born in the Lean and Agile movements, keeps IT organizations from falling behind, but it also demands stronger communication and alignment than traditional outsourcing models provide.


Since its inception in 2005 Onshore Outsourcing has built a unique client engagement strategy that focuses on nurturing talent from underdeveloped regions of the U.S. to work in their rural delivery centers in Georgia and Missouri.


“Software programming is in our DNA; we have employed a rigorous IT training program where we train our employees to excel in coding and perform QA testing efficiently,” says Mayes. “Besides, it is our core objective to revitalize the lives of the underprivileged communities by engaging and reskilling them and contributing to their livelihood.”


The company’s model of training, staffing, and continuing education particularly suits those looking to adopt DevOps principles. Onshore’s skilled rural workforce is cross-trained between disciplines, and all graduates learn the fundamentals of software development and IT automation.


An advantage unique to domestic providers, Onshore engineers frequent client sites to build strong inter-team relationships and glean valuable tribal knowledge often “lost in translation” in the outsourcing business. “Alongside these key insights, our employees bring the contextual understanding and familiarity about the products and services we are dealing with. This is where we differentiate from the offshore IT services companies,” says Shane Mayes, CEO at Onshore Outsourcing. Additionally, client leadership enjoys easy access to Onshore’s campuses, ensuring tight communication and strategic alignment.


Onshore serves top companies across industries including Jones Lang LaSalle, Schneider National, Nike, Little Caesars, Centene, and others. Striving to own and drive the rapid pace of technological evolution, the company takes a comprehensive approach to quality services, working with clients to drive Quality through the cycle – driving value through human validation and problem solving while minimizing routine effort and cost through automation of verification processes. Clients can partner with Onshore confidently, knowing that redundancy and security are first-class citizens and that all workers will be U.S. based.


Advancing into the future, Onshore will expand geographically by opening campuses in several new areas in the U.S., as well as driving the Digital Transformation of its offerings using tools such as Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation.

Shane Mayes Named A Quantumshift 2018 Top Entrepreneur In America

Joint program between KPMG LLP and the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business identifies and assembles select group of entrepreneurs leading high growth, private companies


MACON, MO – May 14, 2018


Onshore Outsourcing, based in Macon, Mo., today announced that CEO Shane Mayes has been selected as one of QuantumShift’s Top Entrepreneurs in America for 2018 by KPMG LLP’s Private Markets Group and the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business.


QuantumShift assembles an impressive class of founders, owners and CEOs of private, high growth U.S.-based companies to boost their development through an intensive, five-day learning, networking and collaboration program featuring sessions with Ross School of Business faculty and talented industry professionals.


“This program has been a game changer for me. I’ve spent the past week living in what is essentially a college dorm room with 40 of the top entrepreneurs in the country. During the process, we started to share and wrestle through challenges that our businesses face. I’ve built friendships here that I believe will last a lifetime. And I’ll be going back home with a new set of tools, with renewed confidence in my business and with clarity of purpose,” Mayes said.


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IT outsourcing business focuses on Missouri jobs, but braces for rise of automation


St. Louis Post-Dispatch – June 30, 2017

According to the recent study by BMC Software, 73% of IT decision makers believe businesses that do not embrace IT automation to achieve the larger digital business transformation strategy within the next five years will cease to exist in 10 years.

“Automation in a human outsourcing business is not a good place to be,” [CEO Shane] Mayes said. “In order to prepare ourselves well for the future, we have to attack these technologies.” Fear of automation pushed Mayes to launch a new subsidiary, OTS Digital, where employees are tasked with developing new technology.


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Onshore Outsourcing Receives Fast Track Award from Missouri Chamber


Onshore Outsourcing, which trains rural Americans and veterans for technology careers and delivers tailored IT services to Fortune 2000 companies, has been recognized for the rapid growth of its business with a 2016 Fast Track award from the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Each year, the Missouri Chamber honors the state’s fastest-growing companies, top chambers of commerce and lawmakers who are making a difference in the capitol. Fast Track award winners are selected based on the companies’ revenue growth in the last three years. During that period, Onshore’s revenues have increased 400 percent.


Founded and based in Macon, Missouri, Onshore hires and trains IT workers in rural communities for businesses that would otherwise send that work overseas. Since its beginnings in Macon, Onshore has grown to include a total of four facilities in Missouri and Georgia.


“We at Onshore provide cost-effective IT services that leverage the often overlooked rural workforce,” CEO Shane Mayes explained. “Corporations that use our services can compete more effectively in the global marketplace and individuals can better their lives with rewarding careers. We’re proud of the work we do and the contribution our employees and our organization make in the communities we serve.”


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Book Features Onshore Outsourcing

A book, “Emerging ITO and BPO Markets: Rural Sourcing and Impact Sourcing,” features Onshore Outsourcing along with other great rural outsourcing firms. It’s co-authored by Mary Lacity and Joe Rottman with the University of Missouri St. Louis. This is a “must-read” for anyone interested in learning more about this emerging industry.

More info about the book.

Onshore Discusses Mission With Clinton Global Initiative

Shane Mayes, Founder of Onshore Outsourcing (formerly Onshore Technology Services), shares the story of Onshore’s CGI America Commitment to Action.

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